West Whitner Parking Garage is located at the intersection of N. Murray Avenue and W. Whitner Street. Its entrance is from W. Whitner Street. The garage has 250 spaces with designated handicapped, motorcycle, and compact car spaces for daily parking. The height clearance is 8’3”, and parking is free.

On Street Parking is located throughout downtown and is free.

  1. Electric City Depot Lot, 63 spaces, entrances from Federal and Tribble streets
  2. Orr/Earle Street Lot, 56 spaces, entrances from Orr and Earle streets
  3. Belk Lot, 99 spaces, entrances from E. Earle and N. McDuffie streets
  4. County Lot, 38 spaces, entrances from N. McDuffie and E. Whitner streets
  5. Courthouse Lot, 69 spaces, entrance from W. Benson Street – available for persons conducting county business
  6. Generator Park Lot, 42 spaces, entrance from E. Whitner Street
  7. First Baptist Lot 1, 102 spaces, entrances from E. Whitner and E. Church street—available everyday except Sunday
  8. First Baptist Lot 2, 75 spaces, entrance from E. Church Street— available everyday except Sunday
  9. St. John Lot, 54 spaces, entrances from E. Market and S. McDuffie streets
  10. E. Church Street Lot, 235 spaces, entrances from S. McDuffie Street, S. Main and E. Market streets
  11. W. Market Street Lot, 72 spaces, entrances from W. Market and W. Church streets
  12. John Street Lot, 128 spaces, entrances from John and River streets
  13. Municipal Business Center Lot, 27 spaces, entrance from E. Reed Street