Downtown Anderson’s Main Street is a flutter, with dozens of Carolina Wrens.


Come, take a stroll, see what you’ll find.

  1. Here the early bird gets the worm and the best produce in town!
  2. Going up? Galleries full of art and creativity gives everyone a lift.
  3. Visitors far and near come to discover Anderson here.
  4. Carolina Wrens checked out book here back in the day and then the arts along the way.
  5. This unique federal building once was home to Anderson’s Post Office.
  6. Rest yourself here and look just below, notice the tracks where the trolley used to go!
  7. Once a grand hotel to stay a night, now renovated and restored, on the window ledge I watch the sun rise.
  8. A wall of water to cool me off by day and light me up by night. Splish! Splash!
  9. I’m perfectly perched to see the sights in this airy spot.
  10. Shady tables and a top tier view! Pack a lunch, I might sing for you.
  11. I wait on the gate – a perfect spot to dally. Some call it Pracht alley.
  12. Patrons are pampered and little birds preen. You’ll have to look up if I’m to be seen.
  13. This unique building is the third of this kind built on the square, where the business of the county I water from the stair.
  14. A time piece is not needed downtown; look up to see my nest on the ledge at a quarter to three.
  15. In the evening, thanks to this inventor, the square is aglow all summer and winter.
  16. The judicial branch resides here, addressing court matters, while I sing of the present and not of the latter.
  17. Years ago this spot brought tweet treats for me and sweet treat for you. Look up to find me – one scoop or two?
  18. Home builders visited here in the past for hardware and tools sure to last. Now people visit for other fine things like clothes, coffee, and dinner!
  19. Foraging and searching through foliage is where I will be, look down around the bench and you will see!
  20. The aromas here keep me very mellow. While over the Church Street lot, I keep watch.
  21. The colors are in bloom and there is plenty of room in my bed, jut left of the hall where the City of Anderson welcomes us all.
  22. Take a dip or get a sip. You will find me staying where the water is spraying.
  23. Five birds of a feather take a splash together, while children watch to see if one of us will fly and perch on high. Oh, look! Is that worm for me?
  24. History, heritage and songs of the past surround me here, where I discover stories that last.
  25. Check me our here with two of my favorite things: books and worms!

Here is the key for a little extra help:

  1. Anderson County Farmer’s Market  left column at entrance
  2. Arts Warehouse (2 wrens) elevator ledge
  3. Convention & Visitors Bureau Arts Warehouse above CVB window
  4. Carnegie Building marble, left of stairs
  5. Sosebee Mortuary / Federal Building right entrance pillar
  6. Bench at Orr Street / Historic Trolley Tracks granite edge, looking toward road
  7. Chiquola Building first floor side window
  8. Carolina Wren Park top of water wall
  9. Carolina Wren Park Wren Pavilion top of center ground floor opening
  10. Carolina Wren Park patio façade
  11. Pracht Alley wrought iron fence, left side
  12. Lilia Day Spa left awning column
  13. Historic County Courthouse stairs landing
  14. Historic Courthouse ledge, center window
  15. Whitner Lamp Post
  16. Courthouse Plaza right side portico by planter
  17. Dickson Ice Cream metal sign
  18. Sullivan Building brick inset, left of sign
  19. Bench at Church Street left of bench on granite
  20. Mellow Mushroom Church Street parking lot entrance
  21. City Hall flower bed, left of light
  22. City Fountain edge of center fountain
  23. Fish Fountain (5 wrens) corner of River and Main streets
  24. Anderson County Museum base of Orr Monument, on Greenville Street
  25. Anderson County Library base of right column at side entrance