1. What are the rental hours?
    The contracted rental time of 4 hours includes 2 hours before and 2 hours after for time necessary for all set-up, the event and clean-up prior to and after the rental. Set-up includes decorating, table and chair placement and access to catering kitchen.
  2. If I want to rent the park for a wedding do I have to pay another fee for the wedding rehearsal time?
    No; any wedding rehearsal time needed to take place at the park will be determined by the City and the renter at the time of agreement signing.
  3. Can a minor rent the facility?
    No, the person renting the facility and signing the agreement must be 21 years of age or older.
  4. Can an 18 year old be considered as adult supervision?
    Rental events for a minor (i.e. teen parties, graduations, etc) must have adult supervision. A ratio of 1 adult per 10 minors is required. A minor is defined as any person under the age of 18 years old.
  5. Is a security deposit required?
    The non-refundable security deposit (50% of rental fee) is due at time of booking. Fees will be accepted in the form of exact cash, personal checks made payable to City of Anderson. Credit or debit cards payments can be made by calling 864.231.5933.
  6. Is there a cancellation/refund policy?
    (a) No refunds are given for a rental time for less than 4 hours.
    (b) No refunds are given for a cancellation less than 30 days prior to the event.
    (c) A two (2) hour prior notice is required for cancellation for any emergency reason, inclement weather or family emergency. The renter must call the number provided them if there is no answer, a message must be left with time and details of the cancellation. If this is not followed then the renter will forfeit all fees and the option of a rain check. In the case of inclement weather, we do not assume your rental will be cancelled.
    (d) No refunds will be issued due to inclement weather or “day of” cancellations. If emergency cancellation call is made 2 hours prior to the rental, you will be allowed to reschedule the rental at a later date by rain check. This rain check will be issued by City Hall (if emergency cancellation criteria have been met) and will be good for a year from the original rental date. A Rescheduling Fee of $25 will be charged in order to reschedule your rental.
  7. Will the public be able to use the park during my event?
    You will have exclusive use of the area rented only i.e. Wren Pavilion and or Amphitheater, Courtyard, Stage and Spray Plaza. The areas outside of your rented area will be open to the public. If you rent an uncovered area and inclement weather occurs you may move to the Wren Pavilion if it is not rented.
  8. Are tables and chairs available?
    The Courtyard space is the only space with tables and chairs; it has 6 tables with umbrellas and 24 chairs available at no cost. Any additional table and chair needs will be ordered by the City of Anderson based on your needs. The City of Anderson will also determine set up and take down of any table, chair rentals from an external vendor; this cost will be paid by the renter. The rental order must be made 2 weeks prior to the event date to ensure availability.
  9. Does the City provide event staff?
    A Special Event Team representative(s) will meet the renter 1 hour prior to the beginning of the rented time. The Special Event Team representative(s) will go over the policies and will be responsible for the following:
    a) Ensuring that the park is clean prior to your rental start time.
    b) Cleaning the restrooms and keeping them stocked with supplies throughout the rental.
    c) Provide the renter with extra trash bags at the onset of the rental.
    d) Keeping people out of your reserved area not associated with your group.
    e) Monitoring the rental to ensure the rules are followed. Any rental guest or invitee displays improper conduct as determined by the Special Event Team or the Police Officers. Improper conduct shall include but not be limited to apparent intoxication, abusive or threatening language, physical violence or lewd behavior.
    f) Being available if problems arise with the facility.
  10. Can you smoke in the park?
    Carolina Wren Park is a tobacco free facility.
  11. Can we put up decorations?
    a) Decorations may be brought in for your event assuming they are tasteful. Set up and take down must be provided by the renter; nothing can be permanently affixed to any surface.
    b) The use of nails, tacks, staples, putty substances or duct tape is not permitted to attach materials to any part of the facility. These products tend to leave a lasting negative impact on the facility.
    c) Masking tape or scotch tape ONLY is permitted for decorating purposes as long as it is completely removed after the event.
    d) The use of helium balloons is allowed as long as they are disposed of properly after the event. This includes removing them from the ceiling, railings, signs in the park, etc. Because it is a hazard to the environment, balloon releases are not allowed. For weddings sparklers or soap bubbles are allowed; bird seed is prohibited.
    e) Only drip-less candles are allowed and must be extinguished immediately following the event. All candles must be contained in a hurricane globe or votive.
  12. Is there any requirement for liability insurance?
    Yes, general liability and alcohol liability (if alcohol is present) is required. This may be provided by the caterer or the renter. Event insurance can also be obtained at
  13. May we bring alcohol to the event?
    a) Yes; however alcohol liability insurance must be provided by the caterer or the renter and off duty City of Anderson Police Officers must be present.
    b) The cost for the officers is $30 per hour per officer; the number of Police Officers is determined by the number of guests. The City must know the total number of guests 2 weeks prior to the event for scheduling purposes.
  14. Am I responsible for any clean up?
    Yes, the renter is responsible for the following:
    a) Removal of all items brought into the park by the renter.
    b) All garbage must be placed in the trash cans provided.
    c) Removal of all catering items from the kitchen including the refrigerator.
    d) Removal of all decorations.
  15. Is there a loading zone?
    Yes, the loading zone is located in front of the park on E. Whitner St. For band equipment or other heavy items our staff will assist with access down onto the plaza area.
  16. Is there a kitchen on site?
    Yes, the kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator, ice machine, sink and prep counter space. No cooking is allowed in kitchen however, prepared foods may be brought in. Cooker for a shrimp boil is allowed outside of the kitchen as long as you provide a protective mat. No other cooking equipment required for onsite food preparation is allowed (i.e. smokers, deep fryers, grills etc.)